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Tech Room

  • This is our maintenance and storage area for electronics and documentation.
  • Laughing Tiger Music Studios places the upmost importance on maintenance.
  • Ari's meticulous attention to detail insures you a smooth recording experience.

At Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios, we place the upmost importance on maintenance. The owner, Ari Rios, understands that working in a studio where all the gear works the way it should is a beautiful thing. Through Ari's meticulous attention to detail, we've achieved a reputation as one of the best maintained and smoothly run studios in Northern California's Bay Area. Engineers, producers and musicians alike always appreciate the beautiful condition our gear is kept in.

The Tech Room is where we store our extensive stock of repair parts and spares, do our bench work and also where we do our Analog Tape Restoration work. Running a professional music recording and production studio like Laughing Tiger requires that we take care of a lot of high-end gear and electronic equipment. To ensure that our clients have the best recording experience possible, we work diligently to insure that all of our gear is kept in impeccable working condition.

We have a huge selection of over 50 mics, not to mention a thoughtfully chosen collection of mic pre-amps and EQs. In addition to our 52 channel SSL console, we have a wide assortment of outboard compressors, reverb units, de-essers, gates and effects units. Both of our control rooms are tuned and equipped with excellent monitors and sub woofers. We offer a dozen different DI boxes, a number of keyboards, soft synths and professional synchronizers. We also have vintage and modern guitar amps along with a sweet array of guitars, drums and other percussion instruments. Whether you're recording, mixing or mastering, it is imperative to have properly maintained, functional gear. At all stages of music production, Laughing Tiger prides itself on the condition of its equipment.

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"We take care of our gear, so it will take care of you!"

lounge A
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