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The "A" Lounge

  • Fully wired for use as an additional recording area for Studio "A".
  • Please kick back and consider this your living room while you are here.
  • A desk and Wi-Fi for your use as well as a DVD player and an HD TV.
  • The "A" Lounge also has its own refrigerator, kitchenette and bathroom.
  • Just outside is a deck and upstairs you'll find a full kitchen and shower.

"The staff is highly competent and friendly, the rooms comfortable and well designed, the equipment state-of-the-art and dependable and the coffee strong and abundant." John Cross, Songwriter/Producer

It is our goal to make you feel as relaxed and at home as possible during your time at Laughing Tiger. We want you to consider the "A" Lounge your living room for as long as you are here. When you need to take a break from the pace of the recording areas, come out to the lounge and relax with a snack, a movie, some tunes, or even a refreshing shower. It's allways there for you when you need it.

The "A" Lounge includes all the amenities you need to kick back and recharge your batteries so you can tackle your music recording, music production, mixing and mastering with all the fresh energy, drive and inspiration you need.

You will also find all the modern technologies you would expect while working at a world class music recording studio including full access to our blazingly fast Wi-Fi internet connection, a stereo with a jack for your ipod, a DVD player, a 42 inch high definition flat screen TV and a Mac Pro computer with printer/copier.

As you can see from the photos on the right, the "A" Lounge has been designed as a low-key environment and refuge from the taxing demands of recording. This is a convenient spot to work out lyrics, parts and charts out of earshot of the main recording areas as well as a place to just to relax and pass some time.

Even larger ensembles can be accommodated by the "A"Lounge, with ample room on our comfy couch, chairs, table and desk. Just like your living room at home, this is a great space within our music production studios for you to unwind.

The "A" lounge is fully equipped for both relaxation and audio recording. It is fully wired for use as an additional recording area in addition to the Big Room and the two isolation chambers found in our main professional recording Studio "A". There are also tie lines to the Studio "B" Live Room if the need arises. This flexibility and range of available approaches to recording are part of what make Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios stand out amongst the very best recording studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. Come on down and experience it all for yourself!

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Guest Producers and Engineers Are Always Welcome!
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