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studio B floorplan

World Class San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio

• Two spacious, world-class recording studios designed with the comfort of the artist in mind.
• Recording rooms of different sizes, individual sound chracteristics and variable ambience.
• Clear sight lines and multiple isolation areas in both studios, plus tie lines between studios.
• Comfortable control rooms with powerful, accurate monitoring and quiet air conditioning.
• Modern acoustic treatments for exceptional isolation, acoustics and aesthetics throughout.
• Clean lounges and bathrooms in each studio with kitchens, a shower and a deck outside.
• Always plenty of free, secure parking right outside our door for easy load in and load out.

The Studio Tour is a great way to begin getting acquainted with all of the rooms we have here at Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios. There are convenient bullet points at the top of each page so that you can quickly scan what that page is about, or you can just go ahead and read on down the page to get a much more detailed description of what each of our rooms have to offer.

Please feel free to explore the rest of our website or better yet, just give us a call and arrange to come down and meet us in person so we can show you around and get to know each other a bit.

At Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios, you will find two world-class recording studios that are designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you are tracking in the Big Room, Mixing and Mastering in the Control Rooms, or kicking back in the Lounges, Laughing Tiger Studios is a place where you can really relax and feel at home during the entire process of recording your music.

Downstairs in Studio "A", you will find some pictures of the Big Room, Control Room "A", the Dry Isolation Room, the Ambient Isolation Room and the "A" Lounge. Upstairs in Studio "B" you will see the "B" Control Room , the "B" Live Room & Lounge, the Vocal Booth and also the Tech Room.

Please take the time to click on each link above and explore some of what our awesome recording studios have to offer. Each page includes high-quality photos of the room, so you can visualize yourself having fun while performing or tweaking sounds at the consoles. You will also find lots more pictures showing people working, performing and enjoying themselves on the Gallery page.

Recording artists, music producers, audio engineers, corporate clients and record label executives alike will all find tons of usefull and interesting details about our rooms within our Studio Tour.

For example, you'll see pictures and quotes from clients about the Big Room. This is our premier live room featuring an 18 foot pitched ceiling and measuring 35 feet long by 23 feet deep. Its many compound angles and acoustically treated surfaces provide a remarkably long and smooth reverb time which can be adjusted via sound panels within the room in order to vary reverb time.

You'll also get to know Control Room "A", which houses our custom built 52 channel SSL 4000G+ mixing console. This console is loaded with the Vintage "E" Series EQs on every channel. It also features "Total Recal" which allows us to quickly bring back the settings of the console in order to add final mix tweeks. Additionally, this console is fitted with Solid State Logic's moving fader system which remembers your fader moves and faithfully plays them back for you in real time.

Like all the gear here at Laughing Tiger Studios, every part of this console is carefully maintained and is kept in great working shape so you'll find that the faders are smooth, all the switches and busses are quiet and everything sounds as it should! We go the extra mile to insure great sound.

You will also get a look at all the other rooms and lounge areas that are designed to complement each other and make up the two world-class recording studios here at Laughing Tiger Recording.

Our corporate clients will be pleased to read about our isolated recording rooms featuring the dry ambience that is perfect for recording professional voiceovers. Whether you are Tracking, Mixing or Mastering, we have a space at Laughing Tiger that is specifically designed to handle the job.

On our Gear page you will find a complete gear list along with more detailed descriptions of all of the fine equiptment, software and instruments that Laughing Tiger Recording Studios has to offer.

Think the Big Room looks great, but would really like to hear what others have to say about it?

Check out our Testimonials page, where you'll find what many professional recording artists, music producers and audio engineers have said about our world class music recording studios.

Or cruise over to the Services page and read about our approach to production and mastering.

From there, please head on over to our Contact page and shoot us an email or give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and invite you down for a tour of the studios.

You can download printer friendly Directions from any page to help find your way to our door.

It's only 20 minutes from Oakland or San Francisco to our door and the quality is worth the drive. Just give us a call us at 415-485-5765 & come on down to see our recording studios for yourself. We're at 1101 E. Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, Ca 94901 Just off highways 580 and 101.

"I'm loving the Big Room's tone on my guitar!"  Carlos Santana ~ Recording Artist

"This is one of the very best sounding control rooms I have ever worked in! Kudos." 
Dave Schiffman ~ Producer, Engineer

There is also Studio "B" upstairs which is excellent for overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering. Jim Reitzel ~ Producer, Engineer

Printer Friendly PDFs : Directions| Gear List
Guest Producers and Engineers Are Always Welcome!
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