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Dry Iso

  • Ideal for recording anything from VO to acoustic bass to a Marshall stack.
  • Has great sight lines and quick access to the other recording rooms in "A".
  • One of the five isolation chambers that are accessible from Control Room "A".

"The great sight lines and the control room and the number of Iso Rooms make Laughing Tiger Music Recording Studios an ideal place for live tracking." Jim Reitzel ~ Producer, Engineer, Musician

When recording, sometimes you don't want to hear the sound of a room on the mic. This chamber is the driest and quietest room in the house. It was designed to have less reflections from the walls, floor and ceiling. By removing those unwanted reflections from a recording, you get a dry, punchy, tight sound.

Due to its length and lack of reflections, this Sound Isolation Room is ideal for recording instruments like stand up and electric bass, Voice Over, rhythm electric guitar and anything else where a dry signal is what is desired for your recording.

"This is a very versitile room. I've recorded everything from vocals to an accordion to conga to washboard to a Marshall stack to a B3 Leslie cabinet and have always been completly happy with the result." Ari Rios ~ Producer, Engineer, Songwriter

The number of isolation choices and the varying ambience types that our isolation rooms offer are a part of what makes Laughing Tiger's recording studios special. We provide a number of comfortable, isolated spaces each with easy access and clear sight lines to all the other rooms in Studio "A". There are also tie lines that allow us to access to the Studio "B" live room from the Studio "A" Control Room.

"Laughing Tiger is my favorite tracking room! The big room is great for drums and there are three convenient iso rooms in studio "A". The SSL has the dream "E" series EQ and the Pro Tools system is completely current." Steve Savage ~ Producer, Engineer

Each isolation room at Laughing Tiger Studios has been designed to have it's own unique ambience type and are desigend to complement each other so that we can choose the type of ambience that works best with the track we are recording.

The Dry Iso, along with the Ambient Iso, Big Room and "B" Live Room are part of the reason we are considered to be one of the best Professional World Class Music Recording Studios in all of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Come on down to see our beautifully maintained rooms, gear and instruments. Right off 580 & 101 at 1101 East Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, Ca. 94901 Just 20 minutes from San Francisco or Oakland and the quality is worth the drive. Please call us at 415 485 5765 or just shoot an email to

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