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studio B floorplan

Control Room "A"

  • A custom 52 channel SSL 4000 G+ console with "Ultimation" moving faders.
  • Total Recall, with E-series EQs, Gates and Compressors on every channel.
  • A Pro Tools HD4 Accel system with 32 analog ins, 56 analog outs & a Sync io.
  • A 56 inch Plasma screen on a retracting motorized lift for mixing and recall.
  • A sweet collection of vintage outboard gear, mic's, plugins and Soft Synths.
  • Super accurate full range monitoring with various speaker choices and subs.
  • A clean control room, large enough for a person to comfortably overdub in it.

"Your control room sounds very, very good, definitely one of the better rooms I have been in. I brought in my own monitors which I know the sound of very well and was extremely pleased with how well they translated. I was able to listen to our tracks for three days straight at around 65-90db and not have any fatigue. When I took the tracks home and played them in my own control room, there were no surprises, it was exactly how I had heard it at your studio. You really made us feel very welcome and at home." Sean Beresford ~ Producer, Engineer

This control room is one of the truest sounding control rooms found anywhere. Our clients assure us that the big, full spectrum sound heard in Control Room "A" translates accurately to the rest of the world. You can just relax and trust your ears. Control room "A" is deep enough to allow bass waves to fully develop and large enough to allow artists to set up instruments & overdub in it when needed.

"While completing some bass overdubs in the main control room I was amazed at the clarity of the bass response. The low-B on my five string was present in a way I had not experienced in a long, long time. Very impressed and highly recommended!" Michael Lazarus ~ Bassist, Producer, Engineer

Each of our professional control rooms are the very heart of our recording studios.
All of our gear is lovingly maintained so that it remains in optimum working condition. We have all of the recording software, mixing and mastering equipment that you need to create the best sounding recordings that you have ever made.

We have experienced audio engineers and music producers who have worked with many different artists in a wide spectrum of genres and concepts who will help you define and refine your sound. We will go the extra mile to help you get there.

For more information on some of the production and engineering credits our talented staff has accrued over the years, please visit our Crew and Client pages.

We always welcome guest producers and engineers! We are equally prepared to provide you with complete production and engineering services or supply you with a capable assistant to fully support your production and engineering crew. You can rest assured that our knowledgeable and gifted staff will always provide you with whatever music production and audio engineering services you are needing.

Some of the top-of-the-line gear you will find in the control room includes a 52 channel SSL 4000 G+ console with "Ultimation" moving faders and Total Recall. This custom configured console features E eries EQ on every channel along with the customary compressors and gates. Pair this with our sweet outboard gear collection and our Pro Tools HD4 Accel system with 32 ins, 56 outs and tons of plug-ins and you get the ultimate analog / digital hybrid for tracking and mixing.

The SSL 4000 has been the mixing console behind more platinum selling albums than all other consoles combined and ours has been fully and lovingly restored to it's factory fresh sound. Be assured that very careful attention has been given to the phase coherency and the grounding throughout the studio's entire signal path.

From the recording software to the music production gear, this control room has it all, including clear sight lines to the big room and isolation rooms. These are just a few of the things that combine to make L. Tiger a perfect place for live tracking.

As you can see from the testimonials on this page and others like them on our Testimonials page, our control rooms provide both the highest level of sound reproduction and all the sophisticated equipment needed for audio production, audio recording, mixing and mastering. There is no weak link in the chain here!

At Laughing Tiger, we stay on the cutting edge when it comes to recording software. It's our pleasure to provide you with a hybrid blend of vintage and modern, analog and digital sound. Our house producers are expert at using the Pro Tools HD4 Accel system and the universe of plug-ins at their disposal as well as the many vintage mic pre's, EQ's and compressors found in Control Room "A".

One look and listen will make you a believer! Call today at 415-485-5765.

control room A

"Laughing Tiger is my favorite world class recording studio in Northern California. I can always depend on a clean, meticulously maintained studio. Studio, "A" has a large, comfortable control room and an SSL 4000 G+ with all E series EQ's and moving faders! This is a great sounding SSL amongst SSLs." 
Jim Reitzel ~ Producer, Engineer

"This is one of the very best sounding control rooms I have ever worked in! Kudos!" 
Dave Schiffman ~ Producer, Engineer

"Laughing Tiger allows you to take your mixes out of the box and onto an SSL. You get the tactile feel of a mixing console and it's so much faster grabbing faders and knobs instead of scrolling up and down your session in Pro Tools. The vintage outboard gear selection gives you that sound you can only get with analog gear." 
Tyler Crowder ~ Producer, Engineer

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Guest Producers and Engineers Are Always Welcome!
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