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studio B floorplan

The Big Room

  • A beautiful 23' X 35' acoustically designed space with an 18' pitched ceiling.
  • Variable ambience & colored lighting with clear sight lines between all rooms.
  • Two Isolation Rooms, Tie Lines to Studio "B" & additional iso. booths for amps.
  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Vintage Keyboards, Soft Synth and Guitar Collection.
  • Whisper Quiet Central Air Conditioning and Heating to keep you comfortable.

The "Big Room" is the premier live room of our recording studio. This room features an 18 foot pitched ceiling and measures 35 feet long by 23 feet deep. It's many compound angles help create a remarkably long and smooth reverb time. Like all of our fine recording rooms, modern acoustic treatment and construction techniques help to provide truly exceptional isolation, acoustics and aesthetics.

The acoustic treatments found in this live room allow for a wide range of variable ambience suitable for anything from big rock drums down to the smaller reverb needed for Blues and Jazz recordings. No matter what genre of music you're working in, the Big Room's acoustic treatments will add depth to your recordings while enabling us to record your music with amazing separation, tone and detail.

When isolation is needed, we have both a Dry Isolation Room and an Ambient Isolation Room in Music Studio "A". There are clear sight lines between the Big Room, the Control Room and Iso Booths. There are also audio tie lines to the Studio "B" live room and the "A" lounge for extra isolation and ambiance options. Additionally, we have two portable isolation boxes for guitar amps and a large collection of gobos for added isolation within the Big Room wherever it is needed.

Gobos are movable acoustic isolation panels used by our recording engineers to absorb and diffuse sound waves. For audio recording in the Big Room, there are plentiful gobos to add isolation where it's needed. This allows our recording engineers to separate two or more musicians so that they can all play in the Big Room simultaniously while maintaining excellent separation on their microphones.

In addition to the various Iso Booth options, we also have two portable isolation boxes which allow us to record two electric guitar amps in the big room at the same time as the drums are playing, with virtually no leak between their mics.

These gobos and various other acoustic treatments can be configured to absorb unwanted reverb in the recording areas to provide a smaller, intimate, dry sound. On the other hand, we can very quickly "open up" the room by closing wall baffles, removing gobos and rolling up the rugs. Doing this can give us either the dense reverb needed for a huge rock drum sound or for the long, smooth, church-like reverb needed for a gospel choir. This is an extremely versitile room!

There are clear sight lines between each of the music recording rooms, so you are able to see each other while playing in the Big Room, the Control Room, the Dry Isolation Room and the Ambient Isolation Room. There are whisper quiet Central Air Conditioning and Heating systems to keep you comfortable while you record.

As our photos will attest, this recording studio has been designed to provide world class sound while keeping you in a comfortable, homey environment. Because recording can be a stressful experience for some, Laughing Tiger Studios has been created as a space where "Vibe is King", so you can relax and feel at home while you record. To help you set the mood, there are also lights in several colors.

The Big Room earned its name for its luxurious amount of space which helps provide for making great audio recordings and gives each musician enough room to stretch out and use the possibilities of the room to its fullest. The ample space here, also allows for it to be home to a number of our finest musical instruments.

For example, the Big Room houses a magnificent, seven-foot Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano and our vintage keyboard selection including Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, a Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie and a Hohner D6 Clavinet.

Other keyboards we have at Laughing Tiger Music Production Recording Studios include soft synths and virtual instruments like Native Instruments Komplete 7, Reason 6, Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus, Vienna Strings and EZ Drummer.

Pictured in the Big Room are our vintage Gretch 5 piece wood drum set, our 1950's Gibson ES 225T electric guitar and of course, the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano.

There is also a vintage Fender Telecaster, a Schecter Stratocaster, a Taylor Grand Concert acoustic guitar and a Custom Cirrus 5-string bass and vintage amps.

Please visit our Gear page for a complete list of all the high-quality musical instruments we provide at the studio, as well as our consoles, computers, recording software, microphones, mic pre's, EQs, compressors, speakers & more.

Also, please browse the other pages in Recording Studio "A" and Recording Studio "B" to learn more about all of the features of Laughing Tiger's professional world class recording studios and get to know about our meticulous attention to detail.

We also invite you to call us and make an appoinment to meet with us in person so we can talk with you about your project and get to know each other a bit. Stretch out, take a walk around the place and get a sense for how it feels to you.

Come on down to see our beautifully maintained rooms, gear and instruments. Right off 580 & 101 at 1101 East Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, Ca. 94901 Just 20 minutes from San Francisco or Oakland and the quality is worth the drive. Please call us at 415 485 5765 or just shoot an email to

grand piano

"Ari, this studio you have here is a beautiful baby. I'm glad to have discovered you. I'm loving the Big Room's tone on my guitar! We'll definitely be back!" 
Carlos Santana, Recording Artist

"I have never heard the lows and highs of Carlos' guitar tone captured so accurately as they were in Laughing Tiger's "A" room" 
Ed Adair, Santana's Guitar Tech. of 21 Years.

"No other San Francisco Bay Area recording studio compares to Laughing Tiger's combination of spacious, great sounding rooms and high end gear. You just can't get killer drum or guitar tones in those rinky dink home studios and the good news is that at Laughing Tiger, you won't spend a fortune to get them." 
Mike Schermer, Recording Artist

"I was especially impressed with the drum sound I was able to get in your live room. Many rooms that you think would sound good, end up sounding boomy and/or trashy. The room sound I was able to capture was very balanced and had great decay. I noticed the cymbals were very smooth,
not harsh as can be the case in some bigger rooms." 
Sean Beresford, Producer/Engineer

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Guest Producers and Engineers Are Always Welcome!
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