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Ambient Iso

  • Clear sight lines and easy access to all of the other rooms in studio "A."
  • Variable ambience from "dry" to a dense and highly diffused ambient field.
  • Great for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, electric guitars and more.
  • The varied angles create a highly diffused ambient field with a smooth decay.

"Laughing Tiger is my favorite tracking room! The big room is great for drums and there are three convenient iso rooms in Studio "A", including the lounge." Steve Savage ~ Producer, Engineer

"This Iso booth sounds awesome! I gotta hand it to ya Ari. You got it right!" Karl Derfler ~ Producer, Engineer

This recording room features quick access to the "A" Control Room and Big Room and clear sight lines to all of the rooms in Studio "A". There are also tie lines to the "A" Lounge and the "B" Live Room for extra isolation areas when needed. We also have two portable iso boxes for guitar amps that can quickly be brought into the Big Room during a big set up, giving us lot's more options for isolation.

Our isolation rooms are a part of what makes Laughing Tiger's recording studios so special. The sight lines between the Ambient Isolation Room, the Dry Iso, the Big Room and the Control Room make Studio "A" ideal for live tracking and the different types of room ambience unique to each iso area provide a world of options for texture and tone. We can definitely handle any set up you bring in.

Our ambient isolation room is adaptable to most any recording situation because of the wide range of ambience it offers. To provide a "dry" room sound similar to that of our Dry Isolation Room, we simply "close it down" by exposing the acoustic foam side of the baffles you see pictured along the wall. Or, you can quickly "open it up" by flipping the baffles around to their reflective, wood side to create a dense and highly diffused ambient field that softens the transient attack.

This flexibilty makes the Ambient Iso excellent for recording anything from vocals to acoustic and electric guitars to percussion to strings or horns and even drums.

The versatility of this isolation room and the flexibility of Laughing Tiger Studios as a whole, is part of the reason why we are considered to be one of the finest professional world class music recording studios in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Getting the right sound on the mic and getting the strongest emotional response from you for your music is what we are all about.

Live IsoLive Iso
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