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"I was especially impressed with the drum sound I was able to get in your live room. Many rooms that you think would sound good, end up sounding boomy and/or trashy. The room sound I was able to capture was very balanced and had great decay. I noticed the cymbals were very smooth, not harsh as can be the case in some bigger rooms." Sean Beresford ~ Producer, Engineer ~ Third Eye Blind, Vanessa Carlton

"I have had the opportunity to record in practically every major studio in The Bay Area. None of them compare to Laughing Tiger's combination of spacious, great sounding rooms and high end gear. You just can't get killer drum or guitar tones in those rinky dink home studios and the good news is that at Laughing Tiger, you won't spend a fortune to get them." Mighty Mike Schermer ~ Recording Artist ~ Blues Guitarist Extraordinaire

There is a reason Laughing Tiger is one of the premiere tracking studios in Northern California! We have all of the elements that are needed to make an outstanding recording under one roof. There is no weak link! It's all here, from acoustics, to experience, to vibe, to gear. Our stellar array of vintage, analog and digital gear is all meticulously maintained. The monitoring systems in our tuned control rooms are accurate and powerful & the headphones systems are impeccable. With everything running smoothly, you, the artist can just relax and let your creativity flow freely!

Indeed, there is nothing more assuring and relaxing than knowing that all the equipment you depend on is in the best working condition and capturing your sound with clarity and accuracy. Every piece of gear in our recording studios is meticulously cared for. Our lead producer and engineer Ari Rios believes that maintenance is of the upmost importance and his attention to detail is a big part of what has established Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios as one of the most smoothly run world class studios in Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Musicians who come to Laughing Tiger know that this smooth operation is just a part of the experience of recording and tracking music here. With our talented engineers and producers overseeing the recording process, your mind can be at ease about the technology and focus on the main event, which is you performing your music from your heart and with full confidence.

Our recording studio control rooms are equipped with a variety of high end monitors to ensure that your music is reproduced accurately during the tracking and mixing process. Our engineers use this variety of monitoring systems to insure that a mix will sound great on a wide range of playback systems. Whether on home stereos, club PA systems, car stereos or boom box, your music will sound the way it's supposed to! Control Room "A" features KRK Expose 8's, a KRK 12" subwoofer, Yamaha NS10's, and Optimus 7's. Control Room "B" is equipped with Meyer HD1's and a Genelec 1092a Sub Woofer. There is also a pair of ProAc Studio 100's available to both studios.

From the variable acoustics of our great sounding rooms to our sweet collection of microphones and outboard gear to our custom built SSL mixing console, to our Pro Tools HD rigs and lightning fast computers and our various high end monitors, our world class music studios are equipped to capture your audio with great clarity and detail. You can rest assured that what you hear in our control rooms will translate accurately to the rest of the world. But don't just take my word for it.

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Just call (415) 485-5765 and come check us out. We are right off highways 580 and 101 at 1101A East Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901 It's just 20 minutes from Oakland or San Francisco to our door and the quality is worth the drive!

"Man I just love this place. The drum room is amongst the best I've ever worked in.
This is my new home studio."
Ron Nevison ~ Producer, Engineer
The Who ~ The Stones ~ Zeppelin

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Guest Producers and Engineers Are Always Welcome!
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