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Music Production

The Main Steps And Objectives In Music Production Are

• To give the artist a record they are thrilled to perform and have fun doing it!
• To produce a vibrant, marketable product that comes in within the budget.
• To lay out a plan that best utilizes the budget and works within the time frame for release.
• To pick the right songs and do pre production to work out the Key, Tempo and Song Form.
• To work with the vocalist in a way that helps them reach their full potential.

I have found that there are basically two types of music producers. There are those producers that stamp their sound on your music and there is the kind that digs into your sound in order to help you to define, enhace and expand it. I am definitely of the latter type. My mission is to become intimate with your music and find ways to take it to a higher level, while staying within the bounds of what you feel comfortable with. This is my promise to you and my great pleasure.

As a music producer with 20 years of experience in recording, production, mixing and mastering, I always keep the big picture in mind while we go through each stage of a project. I really enjoy helping make your musical vision a reality. I will save you money by simultaniously handling both the engineering and the production jobs together while always keeping the eventual mix in mind.

When it comes time to begin to music production, there are four equally important objectives: My first objective is to give the artist a record that they are thrilled to go out and perform and my second objective is produce a product that can be marketed successfully. The final objectives are to accomplish these goals within the project's budget and to make sure that we have fun doing it.

The first step in music production is to lay out a plan that best utilizes the budget and fits within the time frame for release. Doing things in the correct order and choosing the right musicians is important to a successful production plan. The next step is coming up with the right songs. We must be clear what audience and market we are shooting for so we can pick the songs that are best suited. We will collaborate with the artist to help with songwriting if that is what is needed.

Our next step is to listen carefully to the artist's initial rendition of the songs. The goal here is to get an impression of how the artist is feeling the song and to listen to the vocal delivery.

Now it's time for pre-production. At this point, I apply what I tend to call "The Production Trinity." "The Trinity," simply put, is the key, the tempo, and the song form. A production is built upon this foundation of key, tempo and song form and there is always one way that best combines these essential elements to create the most impact. It's very important to get this right from the start.

Producing vocals comes easily to me because I'm a singer and am naturally adept at harmonies. Being a singer myself allows me to help a vocalist reach their full potential as easily as possible. I understand the psychology and techniques involved in producing vocals, as well as the ups and downs of the human voice. I strive to find the best way to communicate with a vocalist and will often just sing the part that I have in mind in order to get the idea across as quickly as possible.

This personal attention and care is part of what makes Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios one of the top world class recording studios in the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area.

Please arrange to come down to see our beautifully maintained rooms, gear and instruments. We're located just off 580 & 101 at 1101 E. Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, Ca. 94901 It only takes 20 minutes from San Francisco or Oakland and the quality is really worth the drive. Please feel free to call us at 415 485 5765 or shoot an email to

Ari Rios

"Ari Rios Co-produced my new CD and gave my music the quality sound I was looking for."  Jorge Santana

"Ari is extremely gifted as a producer.  His ideas have made my music sound like I never dreamed possible."  Matthew Rothman

Ari Rios
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