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Analog Tape Restoration

Tapes Stored For An Extended Period May Require Special Treatment!

"Thank you for restoring and transferring my treasured 2 inch analog tape masters to Pro Tools." Jerry Brostoff ~ Songwriter

Why We Restore Analog Audio Tapes - Audio tapes are made up of three components: Iron oxide, the binder (glue) and a plastic carrier. Over time, the glue that binds the oxide to the plastic absorbs moisture and starts to break down. The oxide, which holds your audio, then begins to shed off as the tape is run on a tape machine. This phenomenon will make the tape too sticky to play back and cause irreparable loss of fidelity.

How We Restore the Tape - The procedure for restoring analog tape starts with "baking" the tape in a specialty convection oven at a controlled temperature of 130F for anywhere from one to eight hours depending on the size and condition of the tape. After a cooling down period, the tape is next put on our Studer 24 track analog tape recorder and transferred to a hard drive using our Pro Tools HD system. It is very highly recommended that you do not use your tape for work again as it will quickly degrade.

At Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios, we take the upmost care when restoring your analog tape. We have years of experience restoring tape and transferring your audio to a digital format through our Pro Tools HD recording software. Once your analog tape has been transferred to a hard drive, you won't have to worry about degrading tape and loss of fidelity anymore. Having the trusted and experienced audio engineers at Laughing Tiger Studios restore and transfer your analog tape ensures that your music will not be lost to the ravages of time, heat and moisture.

Let's talk about restoring and transfering your analog tape. Give us a call today at 415-485-5765. Come see our beautiful music studios at 1101 E. Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94901. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss helping you preserve your music for the ages!

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