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Gear List: Outboard Gear

  • ART Pro VLA Stereo compressor
  • Avalon 737SP tube compressor (2)
  • DBX 165 compressor
  • DBX 160x compressors (2)
  • Drawmer 1960 stereo tube compressor
  • Empircal Lab Distressor with mods (2)
  • Empircal Labs Fatso stereo compressor
  • Neve 33609C Stereo Compressor-Limiter
  • Tube Tech LCA 2B stereo tube compressor
  • Universal Audio LA2A compressors (2)
  • Universal Audio 1176 compressor (3)
  • Universal Audio LA4 compressors (4)
  • Drawmer DS201 stereo gates (2)
  • Drawmer Dual De-esser MX50 (4)
Reverb Units:
  • AMS rmx16 Reverb
  • EMT 245 reverb
  • Eventide SP2016s
  • Lexicon PCM70 multi-effect
  • Lexicon PCM91 multi-effect
Effects Units:
  • Eventide H-3000S harmonizer
  • Eventide H-3000 D/SX harmonizer
  • Lexicon PCM41 delay
  • Lexicon PCM42 delay
  • T.C. Electronics 2290 multi-effect
  • Yamaha SPX 90 II multi-effect (2)

At Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios, we are equipped with a sizable assortment of analog outboard gear, including compressors, de-essers & gates, reverb units, delays and multi-effects units. Our selection of outboard equipment gives us the capability to shape your instrument's sound while tracking, mixing and mastering. Our analog outboard gear provides us with a wider range of ways to work with sound that go beyond what is possible with the compressors, gates and EQ's available our custom SSL mixing console due to the unique characteristics of each piece.

Our staff takes the upmost care to meticulously maintain all of our outboard gear. This means that you can concentrate on your music with the knowledge that all the equipment is in excellent working condition. We know that there's nothing like being able to trust that the equipment will do its job right to help set your mind at ease. This commitment to the upkeep of our gear is a big part of what makes Laughing Tiger such a relaxing and comfortable place to record your music.

"The large selection of outboard gear and mics make it is easy to get the tones I need. Everything works... all the time! Laughing Tiger is the best it can be. Bravo Ari, you and your joint are the bomb!" Jim Reitzel ~ Producer, Engineer, Musician

We have a dozen different compressors at Laughing Tiger. These compressors allow us to narrow the dynamic range of the audio signal that is coming from your instrument or vocals. By correctly keeping the huge peaks under control, we are able to bring up the volume of the quieter sounds that are hidden within the signal. Proper use of compression makes a recording punchy & present.

"Ari Rios built Laughing Tiger with his own hands and knows every nuance of what it does. The studio's top-notch digital and analog technology combines with his wide experience, acute ears, great taste, hard work and high standards to create a top quality product." Lua Hadar ~ Recording Artist

Another essential piece of our outboard gear collection is the de-essers. Nothing is worse that a huge sibilant noise coming from the loudest thing in the track, which is usually the vocal. Between the analog de-essrs and plugins like the Oxford Supressor etc., sibilance becomes a non-issue!

One of the most widely used outboard effects in audio recording is reverb. At Laughing Tiger you will find a great selection of reverb units at your disposal. Rather than rely strictly on the reverb from our different recording chambers, reverb units allow us to control and vary the reverb time etc. with great precision. This gives us the capability to choose the type of reverb that suits the instrument and mood of the track while controlling the length of the reflections and decay time.

In addition to these reverb units, we also have a number of other essential effects units, including delay units, harmonizers and some versatile multi-effect units from Yamaha and T.C. Electronics. Between the analog outboard gear and the world of plugins, the possibilities we offer are endless!

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Just call (415) 485-5765 and come check us out. We are right off highways 580 and 101 at 1101A East Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901

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