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Gear List: Mic Pre-amps & EQs

Mic Pre-Amps

  • API 512 mic pre (2)

  • Avalon M2 stereo mic pre's

  • Avalon 737 SP tube mic pre and EQ (2)

  • Chandler LTD-1 Neve 1073 Clones w/ DI (2)

  • Drawmer 1960 tube mic pre (2)

  • Laughing Jack custom tube mic pre's (2)

  • Neve/Shep 31105 mic pre w/4 band EQ (2)

  • Neve 31105 mic pre w/DI (2)


  • API 550B 4 band EQ (2)

  • Avalon 737 SP tube mic pre and EQ (2)

  • Chandler LTD-1 Neve 1073 Clones (2)

  • Neve/Shep 1081 mic pre w/4 band EQ (2)

  • Pultec MEQ5 tube EQ

  • Sontec MEP 250C stereo
      5 band parametric EQ

  • Sontec MEP 250EX stereo
      5 band parametric EQ (2)

Because microphone signals are normally too weak to be transmitted directly to our Pro Tools HD and Studer multitrack recorders, we use microphone preamplifiers, commonly known as mic pre's to increase the signals that the microphones are putting out before sending them to the recorder.

We have supplied both of our professional recording studios with matching mic pre's and EQ's so that you can quickly switch from one studio to the other and be able to easily match the tone. Our sweet collection of mic pre's and EQ's helps us record your music with great clarity and detail.

In addition to the world class mic pre's found on every channel of the SSL mixing console we have carefully chosen our mic preamps to provide the different coloration which is inherent to each mic pre's design. Our experienced audio engineers know how to pick the mic pre, mic and EQ that best fits what is being recorded and set these devices to get the best sound quality for your recording.

Our pair of API 512 Mic Pre's provide a low noise, unusually good sounding front end. This preamp has 65 dB of gain and the traditional API fully discrete circuit design. It has front and back panel mic input access, a front panel DI input and also an LED VU meter for monitoring output level.

In Studio "A" we have a pair of Neve/Shep 31105 mic pre's with 4 band EQ and "B" has a pair of Neve 31105 mic preamps with front panel DI inputs. Both these pre's have the wonderfully warm sound you that would expect from vintage Neve pre's and match each other's tone beautifully.

Our pair of Chandler LTD-1s is a hand built clone of the famed Neve 1071 equalizer and preamp. It features an EQ section that has nine additional EQ points than the original Neve version. This unit features an amazing sounding high impedance direct in, 48v power, an output fader, an EQ in/out switch, a phase reverse switch as well as balanced mic and line inputs. The power supply is "over built" to insure maximum headroom and the nine additional EQ points give you a wide range of choices as to where to boost or cut frequencies. This is one of my favorite Mic Pre's and EQs.

Our pair of Avalon 737 SPs feature a combination of tube preamp, opto-compressor, sweepable EQ and VU monitoring that is switchable between input and output level. It provides a very clean, uncolored sound that is suitable for recording instruments like our 7 foot Yamaha Grand Piano.

In Studio "B", our stereo Avalon M2s feature fully discrete, Class A symmetrical microphone preamplifiers with excellent sonic capabilities and transparency that have a sound similar to the Avalon 737SPs that are found in Studio "A". This unit has phantom power and a low noise floor.

Among the other professional mic preamplifiers found at Laughing Tiger Music Recording are the custom built Laughing Jack tube mic pre's. This stereo unit has front panel DIs and Ampex tube microphone pre's coupled with Jensen output transformers for that classic, tube colored warmth.

We also have a great selection of professional analog frequency equalizers. All these varied flavors of EQ help us to shape and enhance the signal while recording, mixing and mastering.

Our API 550B 4 band EQ features four bands of equalization. Each band offers seven frequency centers with 12 dB of boost/cut per band. It has a super high headroom of +30 dB and the traditional API fully discrete circuit design. This is classic rock EQ with a sweet, glassy high end.

Our Neve-Shep 31105 has that super smooth and warm Neve sound we all love. A four band EQ section and hi/low roll off filters allow for many choices of EQ bands and make it a go to favorite.

The Chandler LTD-1 Neve 1073 Clones feature three band EQ with high and low roll off filters. This unit is really just like having a vintage Neve 1073 with lots more EQ bands to choose from.

In addition to these great EQ's, we also have one Sontec MEP 250C stereo 5 band parametric EQ, and two Sontec MEP 250EX stereo 5 band parametric EQs. These mastering EQs are transparent and highly sought after units. In my opinion, there is really nothing that sounds lke a Sontec EQ!

We also provide the classic, Pultec MeQ5 mid-range tube equalizer. This premier vintage EQ is known for its unique tonal qualities and the way it colors sound makes it really great on bass!

Our pair of Avalon 737 SP tube mic pre's and EQs feature a combination of sweepable, 3 band EQ which is very transparent with low frequency roll off filters. Combined with its clean tube preamps, compressors and output/input level VU monitoring, these units are like complete channel strips.

And of course don't forget that our custom configured SSL Mixing Console has the famed "E" Series EQs along with Expanders, Gates and Compressors on each one of its 52 channels!

All of these flavors of EQ's provide a wide range of choices for our music producers and audio engineers to get the best sound possible for you on your recordings and mixes. Rest assured.

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Just call (415) 485-5765 and come check us out. We are right off highways 580 and 101 at 1101A East Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901

Affordable Music Recording Studio

"Ari's vintage outboard gear selection gives you that sound you can only get with analog gear."  Tyler Crowder ~ Producer, Engineer

"I've done a few projects at Laughing Tiger and I couldn't be happier.  The equipment is first class.  The space is comfortable, the rooms sound great and Ari is a first rate engineer.  This place has got to be on the short list for anyone in the Bay Area needing to book a studio." Manny La Carrubba ~ Producer, Engineer, Acoustician

"This studio is as good as any you can find anywhere, complete with anything your little heart could dream of. Honestly, I could not possibly say enough good things about this studio and Ari, its owner.
Matthew Rothman
~ Recording Artist

Affordable Music Recording Studio
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