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Gear List: Piano & Keyboards


  • Seven foot Yamaha C7 Grand Piano
  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano
  • Rhodes Electric Piano
  • Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie
  • Hohner D6 Clavinet
  • M-Audio Axiom 49 USB Controller
Soft Synths

  • Native Instruments Komplete 7
  • Vienna Strings Expanded
  • Omnisphere
  • Trillian
  • Stylus
  • Reason 4

Laughing Tiger Music Recording and Production is dedicated to providing you with the best of both vintage and modern technology for your audio recording and below you will see descriptions of our rare, vintage keyboards. These keyboards are hard to find and even harder to carry, so come on down and play our refurbished vintage keyboards and impeccable Yamaha C7 Grand Piano. When you record at Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios, you have a universe of keyboard options at your fingertips. We are dedicated to making sure that you get the sound that is right for you and your creative vision and we work hard to maintain all of our instruments in top working form.

"I love this piano, A C7 is my favorite piano and this one smokes! I love the bright high end and the action is a dream to play. This is the best C7 I've played in a Bay Area recording studio. I'm thrilled to discover you." Rebeca Mauleon ~ World renowned pianist and composer

No professional recording studio is complete without a grand piano and at Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios we have a gorgeous, seven foot Yamaha C7 Grand Piano. The Yamaha C7 is known to be one of the most popular recording grand pianos in the world and with good reason! This particular C7 has a very even and easy action that allows for a huge range of expression. It truly has a superior tone and every note rings faithfully to the intentions of the pianist. This grand piano is meticulously maintained and tuned, ensuring a pure, beautiful tone with overtones that ring on and on. Combine this piano with the expansive sound of our big room and the Peluso mic's we use to record the C7 and you come away with a piano sound that rivals the best anywhere!

"This is one of the very best studio pianos in the Bay Area. This piano is a fine and well-maintained instrument. It afforded me great shading, nuance and color, maximizing my expressive needs. Ari is a consummate professional with an impeccable ear and most importantly, a great sense of humor." Jason Martineau ~ Pianist, arranger, composer

"It was a real treat to play the fabulous C7 grand piano. The studio offered a friendly environment for me while the engineers worked on my tracks. They had coffee, tea and wireless so I could do e-mail on my laptop and stay in touch with everyone." Annette Sendak ~ Recording Artist

We also carry two of the most distinctive electric pianos in the recording arsenal, the Wurlitzer Electric Piano and the Rhodes Electric Piano. Both of these pianos have been refurbished so they are in tune and the action is smooth. They have also been electronically retrofitted so that there is no ground buzz and the output signal is sent via a Jensen transformer which translates to less noise and more high end. Both these pianos are here to lend you their unique and iconic sounds.

These two electric pianos have been featured on countless classic recordings and they continue to lend their distinctive tones to great contemporary songs. The Wurlitzer is known for its rich warm tone and the vibrato that is a big part of its distinctive sound. The Rhodes on the other hand, has a chiming, bell like quality to its sound that is both smoother and prettier than its Wurli cousin.

One of our most sought after classic keyboards is the Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie Speaker Cabinet. The Hammond B3 sound helped define many of the classic songs we all love, from rock and roll to soul, from gospel to country to jazz. Part of the Hammond's famous sound is due to the Leslie speaker cabinet, designed specifically for the Hammond Organ. The Leslie cabinet's rotating speakers gives you a sound that just can't be duplicated. You can also feed a guitar or vocal to the Leslie Cabinet to create those distinctive watery sounds you've heard on records by Tom Petty.

Rounding out the selection of classic keyboards in our recording studio is the Hohner Clavinet D6. The Clavinet is known for its bright staccato sound and is immediately identifiable when heard on any recording. It has lent its unmistakable sounds to countless classic recordings from rock to jazz to funk to reggae and can be heard on songs by artists like Stevie Wonder, Parliament-Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Herbie Hancock, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, the Eagles and many others.

On the modern tip, we have an M-Audio Axiom 49 USB MIDI controller. It has a semi-weighted, 49-note keyboard which will let you access our awesome collection of soft synths which include Native Instruments Komplete 7, Vienna Strings Expanded, Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus, Reason 4 and more. The range of sounds available on our many software synths is truly mind-boggling!

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Just call (415) 485-5765 and come check us out. We are right off highways 580 and 101 at 1101A East Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901

Affordable Music Recording Studio
Affordable Music Recording Studio
Affordable Music Recording Studio
Affordable Music Recording Studio
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