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This is A Place Where Everything Works As It Should!

  • Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios places the upmost importance on maintenance.
  • Ari's meticulous attention to detail ensures a smooth and enjoyable recording experience.
  • A wide array of cutting edge digital gear, vintage analog gear and musical instruments.

"Laughing Tiger is my favorite world class recording studio in all of Northern California. I can always depend on a clean, meticulously maintained studio. I have never met a more fastidious and capable studio owner than Ari Rios. Not only does he have great ears as a producer and engineer, but his mechanical background shows in the quality of his facility. Everything works... all the time! No funky modules, no mics that don't work. Laughing Tiger is the best it can be. Bravo Ari, you and your joint are the bomb!" Jim Reitzel ~ Producer, Engineer, Musician

At Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios, we place the upmost importance on maintenance. The owner, Ari Rios, understands that working in a studio where all the gear works the way it should is a beautiful thing. Through Ari's meticulous attention to detail, we've achieved a reputation as one of the best maintained and smoothly run studios in Northern California. Engineers, producers and musicians really appreciate the beautiful condition our gear is kept in.

Here on our Gear page, you can scope the wide range of professional recording equipment and recording software that we offer at Laughing Tiger Music Production Studios. Within the Gear List you will find individual pages for our Consoles, Audio Recording and Playback Formats, Computers & Software, Plugins, Microphones, Mic Pre-Amps & EQ's, Outboard Gear, Speakers, Direct Boxes, Piano & Keyboards, Synchronizers, Guitars, Drums & Percussion plus Guitar Amps and more.

"I've recorded in practically every major studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. None of them compare to Laughing Tiger's combination of vibe, spacious, great sounding rooms and high end gear. For my money, I pick Laughing Tiger every time. Ari Rios is a fine engineer with a keen ear who offers his experienced opinion only when called upon. His Pro-Tools skills have saved me countless hours of studio time and frustration."
Mike Schermer ~ Recording Artist, Blues Guitarist Extraodinaire

We also provide a downloadable Gear List in Printer Friendly PDF at the bottom of each page.
If you don't see what you need, contact us and we'll do our best to get it sorted out for you!

We assure you that all of the gear and equipment you find on these pages is in impeccable working condition and is regularly maintained by our expert crew. We have everything you need to get the best result every step of the way; from pre-production, tracking, overdubbing, editing, to mixing, mastering, to post-production and even analog tape restoration.

"At Laughing Tiger Recording, the vintage outboard gear selection gives you that sound you can only get with analog gear." Tyler Crowder ~ Producer, Engineer

"Laughing Tiger is a great place to mix and a wonderful place to work in, at any stage of a project. First-rate support, client friendly hospitality and Ari's combination of vintage gear and current technology makes Laughing Tiger my studio of choice."
Howard Johnston ~ Producer, Engineer

At Laughing Tiger, our collection of gear combines the best of both analog and digital equipment. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge with the latest recording software like Pro Tools 10.3.2 HD, while also keeping the tried and true classic sounds alive with gear like our Neve 33609C Stereo Compressor, our Sontec MEP 250EX Stereo Mastering EQ, or our great selection of vintage and modern microphones and classic instruments like our beautiful Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano, Hammod B3 with Leslie Cabinet, Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos and Honer Clavinet.

Please arrange to come down to see our beautifully maintained rooms, gear and instruments. We're located just off 580 & 101 at 1101 E. Francisco Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, Ca. 94901. It only takes 20 minutes from San Francisco or Oakland and the quality is really worth the drive. Please feel free to call us at 415 485 5765 or shoot an email to

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Guest Producers and Engineers Are Always Welcome!
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