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Gear List: Direct Boxes

  • API 512b Di (2)

  • Avalon 737SP Tube Di (2)

  • Chandler LTD-1 DI (2)

  • Laughing Jack Custom Tube Di (2)

  • Neve 31105 Di (2)

  • Leslie Pre amp (send signal to a Leslie)

  • Custom Stereo -10db to +4db Di
    boxes for your ipod or laptop (2)
  • Countryman DI (2)

  • Demeter Tube DI (2)

  • Stewart ADB1 Di (4)

  • Rapco (passive) Di (2)

  • Waves GTR3 Direct Box

  • REAMP Box (send line signal to an amp)

"Perhaps the most hidden musical Jewel in the Bay Area is Laughing Tiger Studios. I recommend Laughing Tiger Studios to anyone looking to take their music project to the next level." Edo Castro ~ Bassist, Recording Artist, Composer

"Always conducive to a pleasant recording experience and an easy place to be. Laughing Tiger gets an A-plus!" Dan Hicks ~ Recording Artist

Direct boxes are used to take an instrument's high impedance, unbalanced signal and convert it to a low impedance, balanced signal. This allows our engineers to send signals over long cable runs with less noise or loss of fidelity. With our wide assortment of DI's, we can take the signal from a high impedance instrument like an electric keyboard or an electric bass or even from an acoustic instrument with pickups and send it to one of our balanced mic preamplifiers for amplification.

Our direct boxes are all top-of-the-line equipment so your instrument sends a clean signal free of noise or distortion. Each unit has it's own unique characteristics so choosing the right one is integral to the sound that is recorded. That's why at Laughing Tiger, we offer a diverse range of passive and active direct boxes that will perfectly suit whatever the needs of the moment may be.

We have DI capabilities on units from Neve, API, Chandler, Avalon and our prized, custom made "Laughing Jack" which uses vintage Ampex tube mic pre's coupled with Jensen transformers. We also have stereo pairs of DI's from Countryman, Demeter, Stewart, Waves and Rapco.

Our Leslie Pre-amp, takes the signal from an electric guitar or vocal etc. and sends it to our Leslie speaker cabinet so you can get that distinctive Leslie rotating speaker sound we know and love. The REAMP Box converts a high energy, line level signal to the low level, high impedance signal that an instrument amp requires in order to get the best sound from the amp. The Demeter Tube DIs provide you with a clean, high-fidelity signal that is ideal when recording an instrument that has a lot of harmonic content like an acoustic guitar, or a cello or a violin or electric keyboards.

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Just call (415) 485-5765 and come check us out. We are right off highways 580 and 101 at 1101A East Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901 Please arrange to come on down, take a walk through the studio and talk about your project.

Affordable Music Recording Studio
Affordable Music Recording Studio
Affordable Music Recording Studio
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