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Studio A

  • SSL G+ 4052 - 52 channel Mixing Console
  • "Total Recall" - "Ultimation" moving faders
  • "E" series EQ - Dynamics on each channel

Studio B

  • Cranesong Avocet Class A Discrete
  • Audio Central Control and Convertor
  • With remote talk-back modification

Whether you are tracking a band with a large set up or you are mixing, nothing beats the power and ease of working with a top flight mixing console. Studio "A" houses a custom configured SSL 4000 G+ Mixing Console with 52 channels plus all the bells and whistles that you will ever need.

This console has recently had all the capacitors replaced and sounds as good or better than new. Like all the gear here at Laughing Tiger Studios, every part of this console is carefully maintained and is kept in great working shape so you'll find that the faders are smooth, the switches and busses are quiet and everything sounds as it should! We go the extra mile to insure great sound.

This console is loaded with "Total Recal" which allows us to quickly bring back the settings of the console in order to add final mix tweeks. It also has SSL's "Ultimation" moving fader system which remembers your fader moves and plays them back in real time. It is also fitted with vintage "E" series EQ on each channel and has the customary dynamics throughout. Truly a mixer's dream.

The SSL mixing desk is the mixing console behind more platinum-selling albums than any other! The combination of 52 channels of mic pre's , dynamics and EQ on every channel, the analog outboard gear and the versatility of a Pro Tools HD4 Accel rig with 32 ins & 56 outs coupled with our extensive collection of plugins is unbeatable, especially when you consider the accuracy of the monitoring in control room "A". You can just relax, trust your ears and peruse your vision with no limitations knowing that this is one of the very best sounding control rooms found anywhere.

Studio "B" is equipped with a Cranesong Avocet Class A Discrete audio controller which is a passive switching audio matrix. This insures the cleanest and quietest signal path and puts very little in front in of the renowned Meyers HD1 speakers and sub combo. This uncluttered setup helps to make Studio "B" the perfect environment for mastering, overdubbing, editing, programming, post-production and pre-production. Having two awesome sounding control rooms and studios that are designed to perfectly compliment each other is part of what gives Laughing Tiger such great versatility and ease of availability when it comes to providing recording studio and music production services.

Whether it's music production, tracking, mixing, mastering, voice over, post-production or analog tape restoration, we have you covered. The wide variety of professional services that we provide, aided by our custom SSL Console and sweet sounding rooms is just a part of what has given our recording studios a reputation as one of the best in Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Engineers, Producers and Musicians all agree. Our combination consoles, gear and rooms are a stellar combination that stands up to the competition. Read some of the great testimonials below and see what people have said about our control rooms and the remarkable sound they provide.

"Laughing Tiger rocks! The rooms sound great, the crew is happening and an SSL 4k with a Pro-Tools HD4 Accel make it off the hook!" Stephen Hart ~ Producer, Engineer

"The SSL has the dream "E" series EQ and the Pro Tools system is completely current." Steve Savage ~ Producer, Engineer

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Check out our state of the art consoles for yourself 1101 E. Francisco Blvd. Suite A. San Rafael Ca. 94901 - 20 minutes from San Fran. & Oakland. Right off Highways 101 and 580. Please call at (415) 485-5765 or email

Affordable Music Recording Studio

"Laughing Tiger allows you to take your mixes out of the box and onto an SSL.
You get the tactile feel of a mixing console and it's much faster grabbing faders and knobs instead of scrolling up and down your session in Pro Tools. The vintage outboard gear selection gives you that sound you can only get with analog gear."
Tyler Crowder ~ Producer, Engineer

Affordable Music Recording Studio

"Laughing Tiger is perhaps my favorite world class recording studio in Northern California. I can always depend on a clean, meticulously maintained studio. Studio "A" has a large, comfortable control room and an SSL 4000 G+ with all "E" Series EQ's! This is a great sounding SSL among SSL's. Bravo Ari, you and your joint are the bomb!"
Jim Reitzel ~ Producer, Engineer, Musician

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