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Gear List: Guitar Amps

  • Fender Pre-CBS Champ

  • Fender Pre-CBS Pro Reverb

  • Fender Blues Junior

  • Marshall VS 100 and 4 -12 Cabinet

  • CAE Sound Sterling Leslie Pre amp
    (send any signal to a Leslie cabinet)

For guitarists who are looking for that classic Fender sound, we have a Pre-CBS vintage Fender Pro Reverb and a Champ Amp. These amps have seen widespread use in professional recording studios and have been some of the favorite blues and rock and roll guitar amps since the 50's.

The Fender Champ is known for its simple design. Its low power output and simple, single tube, single-ended circuitry makes it easy to overdrive. This makes the Champ Amp ideal for blues harp.

Our Pro Reverb is a vintage tube amp from Fender's hallowed Pre-CBS era. It has 2 - 12" speakers and the tone from this amp is awesome. You can get a bright, clean, punchy tone to a sweet and powerfully overdriven sound. We've very often seen this amp picked over a musician's own amp.

The third member of the Fender family at Laughing Tiger is our Fender Blues Junior. Although not a Pre-CBS vintage amplifier like our Champ and Pro Reverb, our Blues Junior is a professional tube amplifier with the warm, vintage tone of those classic blues guitar amps that we all know & love.

Rounding out our collection at Laughing Tiger, we also have a Marshall VS 100 and a speaker cabinet with four twelve inch speakers for those who are looking for a harder edged guitar tone.

We also have the CAE, Sterling Pre Amp which is designed to send a signal to our Leslie cabinet. The Leslie cabinet is famous for the audio effects its rotating speakers are capable of producing. For guitarists who like to experiment with the potential of their instrument this pre amp is a treat.

We take of care our gear so that our gear will take care of you! We meticulously maintain all of our gear at Laughing Tiger and this goes double for our vintage equipment. You can jam all day knowing that these great amps won't fail on you. That assurance is part of what makes Laughing Tiger one of the most successful world class recording studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One look and listen and you'll be a believer! Just call (415) 485-5765 and come check us out. We are right off highways 580 and 101 at 1101A East Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901

Affordable Music Recording Studio
Affordable Music Recording Studio
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